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Creating communities of learning

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I held a virtual meeting today with a fellow academic and part time PhDer, Victoria Kiddey who is undertaking her PhD in the field of female survivors of military activity and service, retired due to injury. We originally met on facebook whilst commenting in a PhD forum and decided to stick together to help each other along the long journey that is a PhD.

Today is the first time that we have actually seen each others faces albeit on Teams. We shared our successes and our frustrations to date and agreed for the need to develop an academic community where we can reflect on our journey, reflect on our influences - in the academic world that is called our ontological influences, the beliefs and ideas that we hold true and that drive our curiosity and our understanding of what is reliable or not.

So between us we decided we would create our own community of learning, somewhere where we can push ourselves, ask questions about the material we are reading or analysing, learn how to critique and evaluate better, in short to become better at what we are doing in the field of research and academia.

As a consequence we have each set ourselves targets- one of them being for me to revisit my literature search chapter and develop it in line with the feedback I received at the second year interview which I am happy to say I passed with exemplary progress being remarked on.

On the topic of progress, I am looking for participants for the current phase of my study. Have you ever had Physiotherapy? Do you know someone who has? Would you be interested in sharing your thoughts and ideas with me about the topic of physiotherapy and the prescribing of medicines? If so I would love to hear from you. Please contact me throught the website - or via my email Take a look at the poster attached and see if it peeks your interest. I look forward to hearing from you.

Public poster
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