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Becoming a researcher

Photo by Annie Spratt - Unsplash

It is that time of year when the media is full of reflections on the year to date, once that is after they have got through with telling us we desperately need the next new toy-perfume-tool-coat - (include what you will here)

I have had a lot to reflect on over the past year with regards of course the interminable Covid variants that continue to stalk us, my parents declining health (Dementia) and the ongoing challenge of trying to fit a week and a half of work into less time. However, in the midst of this, my project has continued to show signs of progress. Once again, my heartfelt thanks to all the people I have spoken to for giving their time and most importantly their views. I have created a conceptual framework - a rather complicated term which means a sort of theory - of what happens to the role identity of physiotherapists when they become a prescriber.

Here is a sneak preview:

conceptual model
Download PPTX • 43KB

All this means that I am now at the end of stage 1 of my project and am progressing into stage 2.

Colin PhD picture
Download PPTX • 91KB the next part I am planning on creating a questionnaire which will be validated by a random sample of the same physiotherapists I have been speaking with recently. I have had an article accepted for publication - watch this space, and have been accepted to present a 30 min oral presentation for the 2nd International E-conference on Physiotherapy, physical rehabilitation and sports medicine scheduled for March 7-8 2022. Full details here

At this point I need to acknowledge my host School the Medway School of Pharmacy and University of Kent who are supporting me financially in attending the conference.

So, I will wish everyone a safe Christmas and a happy new year. See you on the other side

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