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Journal Publications

2019 Waldock C, Bedford D, Prescribing challenges following bariatric surgery, Journal of Prescribing Practice 1(9):344-348

2017 Waldock C, Myofascial Pain masquerading as Neuropathic pain,

JAACP Summer 2017.

2015 Thomas T, Mottram S, Waldock C, Advising patients on prevention and management of sporting injuries in the pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Journal, August 2015

2013 Waldock C Evaluation of a group acupuncture service in a NHS outpatient physiotherapy department JAACP Summer 2013

Kathy Charmaz

‘Grappling with analytic problems is part of the research process. Feeling confused and uncertain – but learning to tolerate the ambiguity – shows your growth as a researcher. Researchers who treat the analytic process as transparent often have superficial analyses’ 


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