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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Returning to my project after a period of annual leave was slightly scary. Had I forgotten how to conduct research? Had I lost my analytical skills - (the ones I do have anyway). I sat in my garden feeling both fortunate to have one as well as the gazebo that I was sheltering under, reading Charmaz, Constructing Grounded Theory and sought illumination.

I set about reflecting on my supervision meeting just prior to my leave and wrote out a work plan. I have completed some focussed coding on my first set of interviews, and have a tentative plan moving forward to retread interviews with a selection of some of my participants taking into account some of the emergent themes from this initial analysis. I am aware that I need to review my earlier data in light of the emergent analysis, iteratively.

I have also created a poster for a next stage of my research along with an interview schedule.

Then today I heard from one of my supervisory team that she is retiring from her post at the University and that unfortunately she will be unable to continue in her role as my second supervisor. It is a sad time and reflects financial impacts on the University. She has however found a replacement and I am looking forward to developing as good a relationship with them as I have had to date with my current supervisors.

Onwards and upwards always, Already interesting potential themes are emerging from the data, it will be exciting to see where this journey leads.

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