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Loneliness of a long distance runner

Studying for a PhD whilst carrying out 3 part time jobs can be a lonely experience at times, sometimes - OK, more often than not, it can feel like chasing your own shadow. However, I wouldn't miss it for the world. I have just been successful in being published for an article due this month in the Journal of Prescribing Practice; it is about prescribing challenges after Bariatric Surgery. Out of my normal area, but it is a literature review and I have been becoming a bit of an expert in conducting a lit review over the last few months.

Writing is progressing. I have draft chapters for Introduction, a Theoretic framework and the Lit review. Methods is cooking nicely. I have submitted some now major amendments to the University Ethics committee for their review. I hope that this is successful and that in the early part of 2020 I will be moving forward to data collection.

Before any of that I have a probation gateway interview to pass through later this month, where the recommendations can be to continue or not. Fingers crossed on the outcome.

As part of my lecturer post I am also required to carry out the equivalent of a PGCHE in the next two years. It doesn't look like I'll be catching up with my shadow any time soon.

See you again soon


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