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First Steps

It's been almost a year now that I have officially been studying on my own PhD journey, it has been a year of ups and downs. Considerably more ups than downs. I am studying part time for my PhD so I have majored in managing multiple roles. This is interesting as my research is about role identity, and it is something that I live and breathe. So, as a brief introduction: Professionally I am a Physiotherapist and work as a Consultant Physiotherapist for a small private practice; the reason I hold a title of Consultant Physiotherapist is no more than just the simple fact that I am an independent prescriber, I inject, so cover most of the necessary attributes. I have recently started as a First Contact Practitioner at a GP surgery - hopefully to increase my hours there; which will entail some juggling and extra management of multiple roles.

I have been working at the University where I study as a hourly paid lecturer for 3 years, one week ago following an academic workforce profiling project, I was successful in obtaining a substantive contract as a Lecturer. I am finally an academic!

Outside of work I am an accredited local preacher for the Methodist Church so lead Sunday Services, can officiate at Baptisms and Funerals and also Marriages. I have a lead role in the North Kent Circuit and wider in the South East District in Conflict Reconciliation.

I have multiple roles...

Over the year I have so far applied for 3 grant applications and unfortunately been turned down for all three. One of the key aspects of PhD study I am learning is resilience. I have become accustomed to being knocked back. The latest was from my own professional body, which is a bit of a shame but on reflection I think there was an element of their not understanding elements of my proposed study. Thankfully, I am not in a position where I need to have a successful grant funding but I will try again.

So far I am concluding my literature review. I haven't mentioned my study - yes it is Exploring the impact of Independent Prescribing on the Role Identity of Physiotherapists. I am seeking to use Constructivist Grounded Theory. (CGT) Why? I hear the cry. Why are you using a literature review in CGT.

Well, as a constructivist, I am aware of the impact of my own input into any study I conduct and the need to reflect - hence this blog really. I therefore need to be aware of what others have done before me. As it happens there is a lot of work but nearly zip in Physiotherapy and nothing thankfully in my area of study. All this is good, which means there is a gap in the literature for me to conduct some work and try and fill it. In truth I will seek to add to the knowledge base. For anyone following me I would recommend work by Kathy Charmaz especially Constructing Grounded Theory, the work on Symbolic Interaction, and recently the useful Sage Handbook of Interview Research 2nd Edition. A useful source of ideas on how to construct questions for a topic guide.

I plan to update this blog on a monthly basis if possible, so I'll catch up again soon hopefully with an update; something like having completed the chapter I am writing on Literature Review :)

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