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Data collection in a national emergency

I have now completed 8 interviews for thoughts and leaders and transcribed all the interviews, to date I have performed initial coding for 5. I am waiting for feedback from Jenny following our supervision meeting last week which was successful. I am still looking for 1-2 more people to interview for the thoughts and leaders. I have tried to make contact with PW via Linkedin. She was a physiotherapist strongly involved in the onset of prescribing in the UK. My other option would be to try again at the CSP, given the current nature of the pandemic it could be there are valid reasons why some people have not responded. My other option wo

uld be to contact DM who was instrumental in the move to independent Prescribing for physiotherapists. I will try all these avenues today. I have a local pre-reg physiotherapy course leader who has accepted but I am waiting for him to confirm times with me. I am relatively happy with the content of the interviews so far. I think my interview skills will improve as the project progresses and it may be the case that I need to go back to initial interviewees with follow up questions. My next actions are going to be to complete initial coding aond to add to reflections on each interview and to t

he codes I have developed to date.

I have to say that so far I have found there is much more support from outside of my own profession. This is quite frustrating. The one physio I have interviewed however has been very helpful and they have given some very interesting viewpoints and perspectives. It would however have been greater to have had some responses to my emails from those lead of the profession

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